In China, Health Codes are digital passes invented in response to COVID-19. They come in the format of QR codes generated on phones. These codes assess if the user has traveled to areas with high risks of infection.

  • Every city has its own Health Code mini program, which shows your health condition in real-time. The color of the Health Code indicates whether you’ve been to a high-risk area.
  • Health codes come in green, yellow, or red depending on the places visited by the user.
    - Green: Currently safe and free to go.
    - Yellow: Been to high-risk locations, and need observation.
    - Red: Diagnosed or a probable case.
  • People are required to show their codes while entering residential areas, office buildings, malls, hospitals, and other public spaces.
  • Health codes rely on big data gathered and models built by public administrations.
    - Input name, phone & ID number.
    - Face recognition through video to confirm the identity.
    - Code appears, with color indicating the health status.
    - Scan the code to reveal places the user has visited
  • The codes represent a health certificate system designed for the masses; they are easy to access and understand.
    - Active users: 1 billion+
    - Ideation to rollout: 14 days
    - Cities covered: 400+



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